“Green” Joe – Our Renewable Resource

Building Green in North Carolina? Looking for a new custom timber frame home with artisan craftsmanship? Founded by people who truly love the outdoors, Cottonwood has been building green long before it was the fashionable movement that it is today. We employ green building practices not only for their significant environmental benefits, but also for the undeniable fact that a green structure is a higher quality product.

Designing & Building Green in North Carolina

Because building green is such an integral part of our design and building process, we employ our very own renewable resource, “Green” Joe Crocker. As a degreed and accredited expert in renewable energy systems and Building Science, Joe utilizes his background in teaching to help counsel Cottonwood clients.

Joe works hand-in-hand with each client to determine how many green credits are built into their project, ranging from limited to complete energy independence. To ensure clients can make educated decisions regarding their project’s efficient use of resources – energy, water and materials, Joe provides options for available green technologies and environmentally friendly building practices.

Photos of Built Green Homes by Cottonwood Development

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